October 4, 2016



Welcome to both my site, George McGinn, and my computer science consulting and soon my journalism (reporter and photographer) sites.

While I am building my consulting site, this site will be both my personal and business sites. Right now there is a tab “Core System Strategies” and the “Articles” will act as my business site, resume, accomplishments, and articles on Computer Science, Cosmology, Journalism and Travel (two sites are in development).

The During the past 44 years, including the time I’ve been disabled, I have written articles for my various sites when I can, been keeping up on the new technologies that can help not only corporate America, the scientific, medical and research fields, but even every day Americans.

In today’s field, anyone who can write BASIC programming and understands how to develop an App in the XCode Development IDE and system can publish an App on iTunes.

And on one of the articles that will soon appear in a separate tab, I’ll not only write about it, but show you what I was able to do, starting with $6, programming knowledge, and time. And anyone will be able to do this as well.

I will also bring in the blogs that I am running, some automated, some I must write for. But all, from the automated to the ones I need to keep up will show how today’s technology will help both those in business and those wanting to connect with old friends.

So welcome.

A Journalism tab will appear in a few weeks, and then the blogs I have running will also have tabs or links.

And while this site is both a resume of my experiences and showcase of my work for future clients, I also welcome those with similar interests to join me. Please, if you haven’t already signed up, please do, and join the more than 300 people who will, as members, get information no one else gets, specials on my services, even discounts on the servers I sell and in the future, my bookstore.

So join us, fill in your email and become a member. And when the “Member Area” goes up, it will become private after a while being open to the public. The form being designed will cover all the news sites I run, my personal website, and my business site.

Also, many of the articles right now on this, my personal website, will be about computer science, interesting things in my life, personal stories and accounts.

And if you filled out the form that’s in development, when the time comes, you will be added when my WordPress site completely migrate to my server (some functions might stay right hear, depending on each site’s needs.

And each site of mine, my Daily Defense News, Cosmology and Space Exploration, Examining Life (And Things of Interest), will not only be an example of integration on multiple platforms, they also now have their own Facebook and Twitter pages, and I’ll be adding Instagram and/or Flickr.

My sites will also publish on Reddit and other sites that publish content. The best thing of all is, no advertising or SPAM from any of my sites. You’ll get updates, such  as when I start getting support from Patreon when I launch my site there.

I hope that you will join my families who share similar interests. And have fun while we work and play.


George McGinn
Venice, FL

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