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(CSS) Core Software Strategies — Home Page — Site Under Development





Who We Are

George McGinn, a Computer Scientist and former Systems Engineer with 30 years in Mainframe,
Web, WAN and LAN (Client/Server) systems formed Core Software Strategies to answer the questions that many other firms cannot. Impossible integrating of systems is nothing more than just an opportunity for me.

Back in 1986 I led a team that helped to integrate a new client’s data into Banker’s Trust’s defined benefits system, and one client wanted to have terminals in their lunchroom so their employees can manage their retirement investments, and even request loans against their 401K’s.

I designed the specifications and the required software needs so that their networked monitors were able to talk to our mainframe system. I designed new protocols, wrote software that did not exist (no off the shelf solutions) and guided the client’s staff in networking multiple terminals to a PC server. I also designed for my team how our software was to interface with this new technology, and redesigned the 401K loan processing to process loans real-time and still make sure the data also processed during the nightly batch.

CSS is a complete software and systems engineering firm, from design, development and consulting, offering cutting-edged systems integration, migration, and other multidisciplinary services, including but not limited to: transition to open systems; strategic MIS and technology planning; optimizing database systems and mainframe batch systems; content management systems (CMS), content delivery networks (CDN), electronic document interchange (EDI) and Cloud technology.

Mainframe & PC/LAN Technologies

We also perform a wide range of development and maintenance services on
mainframe, LAN, and Web platforms. Programming in languages such as (but
not limited to): COBOL/CICS, including distributed processing
(MRO/ISC),; PL/1; DB/2; VSAM processing (knowledgeable in internal file
processing); REXX, Dialog Manager, CLIST and TSO/ISP. On the PC/LAN/WEB:
HTML; ASP; PHP; PERL; VBScript; PowerBASIC; Turbo PASCAL (Borland);
COBOL (MicroFocus NET Express and Fujitsu (now GTSoftware) NetCOBOL
& PowerCOBOL, among other technologies.

Cutting Edge Technologies

We also perform and now have the capabilities to integrate iPad/iPhone Apps with your website, client-server and even mainframe systems, making support easier and expanding user interfaces and capabilities beyond the need to have a physical terminal available.

We’re not just talking about telnet and FTP Apps that already exists, nor are we talking about screen-type programs that needs you to have a server-portion running to see what is one your screen at the office.

We’ve developed methods using software not available or in ways that allow you to use your tablet as a terminal. Specifically designed Apps for you that run like CICS or ISPF screens, you will have access to error reports, data files, and even code and the ability to execute compiles to fix coding problems, right from an App specifically designed for your System.

We’ve even designed an integrated system where various components, websites, client-server programs, and Apps complete enterprise-wide systems. And my team at Verizon-TSI in 2002-2003 perfected running a complete mainframe system on servers running Windows 2000, saving Verizon 12 times their expected annual savings.

So over the years I’ve written, obtained, or have access to propriety systems, such as the BASICScript, an interpreter/compiler I’ve developed that allows a user to write and run programs while in an interactive system helps when a user needs to check or fix data, run “what-if’s” or even test conditions while running production data without affecting production processing.

And this language is so versatile you can write CGI scripts or stand-a-lone server programs. We always look at systems and tools on the cutting edge to see if it can be a solution to our client’s issues, especially today when there maybe a need to keep parts of a mainframe system running, yet they need to migrate data and operations to new technologies, like we servers, or even iPads and iPhones. I’ve found that with new hardware technology, new software solutions follow shortly after, helping to fill the needs putting a company’s products or brand on the new technology.

Other Services

Core Software Strategies also will advise, design, and develop applications in the medical,
scientific, financial (retirement plans), cellular wholesale billing and clearinghouses,
new client data conversions, Human Resources, Fleet Management, Field Technologies,
Web-to-mainframe applications, data warehousing and database marketing systems,
and point-of-sale (POS) along with many other applications and technologies.

Even going as far back as 1976, Pearl River High School’s Anthropology class needed the ability to catalog the finds in a mock archeology dig. As a senior and part of the class, and learning computer science at a technical school, I designed, wrote and was the first to have a live thermal terminal at a dig site that catalogued data over a satellite phone. One of the middle school history class’ was also studying cultures and they participated in creating realistic-period pottery and other artifacts.

The database and system I wrote around it was able to determine within 100 years the culture the artifacts belonged to. The system was one of the first attempts at creating an artificial intelligence system, as this system used two other databases to store successes and failures and learned from their mistakes. This was needed to prevent false positives or identify possible trade with other cultures.

How We Work With Clients

Integrated Systems works with a variety of clients, from small clients
looking to automate manual tasks to fortune 500 companies looking to
save their investment in mainframe programmers and port their mainframe
COBOL, CICS and DB/2 applications (Batch or Online) down to any platform
from Internet and Intranet Web sites, LAN Client/Servers to systems that
integrate their LAN or Web applications with their mainframe applications.

We also perform performance analysis on your existing systems, and
can develop a plan that will save your company money on mainframe
and LAN system costs without sacrificing existing personnel or
processing speed.

Our success and insight from integrating various mainframe systems
to LAN, Internet or Intranet systems has been applied to systems
written or currently being developed. From custom application development
and delivery to packaged vendor applications, our approach to your
enterprise-wide infrastructure, our solutions will seamlessly fit
into your current operations.

Systems such as asset management, medical and drug systems, machine
to machine (M2M), sports management systems (currently have a golf
management system that is an Internet turnkey system to allow leagues,
tournaments, and club membership play to be recorded with feeds to
the club’s USGA approved handicap recording systems), and other
systems using current technology as long as it makes sense. We do
not add layers of complexity to systems just to use the latest toys,
and our language compilers, such as PowerBASIC reduces unnecessary
code to create faster and leaner applications, regardless of the OS platform.

Social Media and Applications

In this age of social networking, cloud storage, analytics, and
reduction of data center or processing costs, Integrated Systems
can design and implement systems to meet your needs.

Your Web sites will become more “social” by blending it with Facebook,
Twitter, Flickr, and many other social Web sites. Your Web site will
feel more personal and provide a unique social experience for your
customers and prospects.

Some of our clients included: TECO, Publix Supermarket, New York Department of
Mental Hygiene, Nathan S. Kline Institute, Merck-Medco Managed Care,
Erisco (Dann & Bradstreet Company), Bankers Trust, GTE (Verizon),
Equifax, a call center application for a bill collection company, and
Clearchannel of Sarasota radio stations. We where the first to place a
Web cam inside a radio station’s studio with a 3 second refresh rate,
and after being selected to beta test Real Server v5, we where also the
first to stream live Sarasota’s rock station over the Internet.

This Web site, with complete information on mainframe, server,
and Web services will be completed by the end of November, and will
include news related to current technology products, the state of new
technological developments, and other news related to topics such as
social media, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO),
among others.

Compiler, Interpreter, and Parser Theories, Practices, and

Programming language design and implementation are tightly interconnected,
and neither can be fully understood in isolation. We stay on top of
the most recent developments in programming language design, run-time
program management and the ever expanding issues of processing concurrency,
our company possesses a solid understanding of the most important issues
driving software development today.

With Operating Systems and Web server changes advancing as
fast as chip development, Integrated Systems listens to our customer’s
issues on compilers, scripting language for Database Management Systems,
and GUI development and interfacing to develop anything from new
Internet Scripting lanaguages, to LAN client server development that
takes out all the spaghetti code that C/C++, PERL, early versions of
BASIC (PowerBASIC, a development system we use allows us to develop
structured systems, which run faster and easier to maintain). We take
these lessons and apply them into custom systems for clients to generic
products for anyone wanting to learn something new.

We spent time researching compiler technology and ways to
improve the way we program our systems. Our research initially
speculates that C/C++ and PERL are losing popularity to better
languages, such as ASP.NET and PHP, both having more features built in
to them, and easier to understand. Future scripting languages, such as
COBOLScript, that will allow the millions of programmers who spent their
lives coding mainframe systems to quickly code future complex Internet

So our future programming languages will take the lessons learned from
the many decades of programming, allowing more people the ability to
write code.

We are strongly convicted to change they way programmers develop systems
on Web servers and LAN/WAN servers so we can take advantage of older technology,
adding features specific to the platform to keep more developers employed,
by providing them with languages that are familiar in many ways to the one
they spent a lifetime to perfect. Programmers should be spending
more time designing more complex systems to meet client needs instead of
having to write complex code to develop simple systems.


Some Mainframe, Server, Internet & Programming:

  • COBOL (all dialects)
  • PL/1
  • CICS & CICS Clients
  • Distributed Processing (CICS MRO/ISC)
  • DB/2
  • Dialog Manager
  • JCL
  • System internals – VSAM
  • ISAM, VSAM, GDG’s & other file types
  • NDM & FTP
  • PC,
  • PowerBASIC (WIN and CC versions)
  • BasictoPHP
  • FreeBASIC
  • COBOLScript
  • VBScript
  • XML
  • PowerCOBOL (Enterprise COBOL by Fujitsu)
  • Microfocus COBOL & Net Express (v 3.1 & v5.0)
  • CA Realia Workbench (with JCL & ASM 370)
  • CA Visual Realia (Visual COBOL)
  • VISUAL Basic
  • PRISM Warehouse Manager (v4.3)
  • Integrating MS EXCEL, WORD, ACCESS
  • MS-SQL, mySQL & other DBMS
  • POP3, SMTP, UDT, TCP, DDT & FTP Protocols
  • creating DLL’s & COM’s
  • PowerTree & Ptree Indexing
  • Btrieve (to v6.5)
  • MAC/iOS App Development
  • Objective-BASIC
  • BASICScript (home-invented language)
  • Smart BASIC

Some of the Applications experienced in:




  • Scientific applications/statistical analysis – Rockland Psychiatric
    Hospital’s Research Center
  • Scientific applications in Cosmology and Astronomical Observations
  • Systems programming – Assembler (IBM’s OS HASP operating
  • Porting Mainframe systems to LAN network & Web servers
  • System communications between Mainframe and LAN Servers
  • Defined Contribution Applications (401K Plans)
  • Defined Benefits Applications (Pensions)
  • Prescription Plans, Drug Utilization Review, Fraudulent Script
    detecting CICS systems
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Point-of-Sale systems for large supermarket chain
  • Fleet management systems
  • Data Warehouse Management Systems
  • Data extract & conversions (for warehousing &
  • E-Commerce Web site for a power company’s clients (Web to Mainframe
  • National & International Cell Phone wholsale clearing (calls
    between different carriers)
  • New Jersey’s Workman Compensation Systems – Fraud Detection
  • Web site development (HTML, PERL, PHP, ASP, VBScript, mySQL, MS-SQL,
    & COBOLScript)
  • Data Dictionary and Data Engine-based systems
  • Stand-a-lone PC, LAN Networking & Web applications
  • Live-streaming of audio broadcasting for a radio stations
  • Independent Alpha & Beta testing for RealServer v5
  • Call Center systems with fix or information-gathering automation
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Medical System and automated workflow
  • Sports (Currently Golf) tournament, league, and membership
  • Enterprise-wide document management, storage and retrieval
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) integrated solutions (wireless,
  • Asset management, asset to system integration, and problem

Thanks for visiting Integrated Application &
System Solutions, Sarasota, and if you have a question, please send
an e-mail to us at Send Mail.

Copyright © 2012 by George McGinn/Integrated Application
& System Solutions, Sarasota. All Rights Reserved.

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