November 20, 2016


George McGinn(George McGinn) After the shameful actions of the networks and mainstream print-media during the past three months, I have found a word that absolutely sums up what the reporters and videographers from these outlets are – deplorables.

And those who earned it have no one better to give thanks to but their major benefactor, Hillary Rodman Clinton.

And while I know that deplorable isn’t a noun or verb, today it is.

What has been called “mainstream media” lost all credibility with the public. By openly (and in secret as exposed by Wikileaks) becoming the Clinton News Network (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS, MSNBC, FOX-NEWS, HLN, and others) their unjust and biased reporting of the presidential election did a great disservice to the public they are supposed to present balanced reporting, and earned them that new title of disrespect.

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Welcome To My Blog

Elections are over, and I have written two stories for this year’s presidential election. My most recent is above. Click on “Continue reading” to read the entire blog.

I am working on a column for the computer science side, and sometime in January 2017 I should have it ready to post.

It will either be on Artificial Intelligence, where I review one of the most popular program that made AI available to everyone, and has had a big impact on the games we play today – Eliza.

The other is on Vintage BASIC games. During the start of the personal computer craze, games like Star Trek, Lunar Lander, LEM, and others jumped from the larger DEC PDP computers to the first PC’s that had BASIC loaded in them. This is more of a nostalgic stroll, back to 1973 when I wrote my first computer program on the math department’s computer at Pearl River High School.

I am working on developing an App for iPhone and iPad devices in SmartBASIC, and this will be the basis of a review on SmartBASIC, an App where you can program in BASIC and be able to create an App in XCode, which can be submitted to Apple for distribution to iTunes.

And I have many other ideas that I will be presenting here in the coming months, including a review of a Grammar & Plagiarism App that rivals Grammarily, which is only available on desktop computers.

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George McGinn
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